St Helena Island – A Photographers Paradise

Blue Pastures on the right, Sandy Bay on the left

The small Island of St Helena, nestled between Africa and South America in the South Atlantic Ocean. Can be seen when passing through the break of dawn on the horizon of the ocean by ship. Well at least this was the case when we had the old faithful Royal Mail Ship St Helena. Wonder what it looks like, have a look at one of our photographs.

Now it’s a 5-6 hour flight from hour newly built airport out at Longwood to Johannesburg, South Africa. With this quick flight to and from the island, it makes it easier for anyone to get here.

As long as you can afford it, that is.
But once here, if you are an amateur photographer, or an experience one. No matter your status, you will fall in love with the vast amount of landscape photographs, historic, coastal and ocean based photographs.

With myself, its more drone based photography. And I cannot be in a better position to say that it is a “Photographers Paradise”. I’m no pro like the likes of the Peter McKinnon but I can vouch for the island’s beauty and magnificence.

For me as a landscape photographer the country side of St Helena is one of the best places to fly and capture landscape images. The Blue Hill District stands out, I find myself going back there all the time, whether its because I just like the scenery and its easy to photograph or because I learnt a new technique.

All in all its a great place, full of color and so many things to photograph from so many different perspectives. You have the cattle, donkeys, trees, fences, flax and best of all the sunsets.

Magical Sun set

Imagine a sun setting at the end of the day but with a slight mist of fog coming over as well, low down too. There is a video clip I have of it, and the glow of the suns rays mixed with the white fog is just simply magical.

I have photographed Blue Hill, mainly the Casons area many times over and over. The place just keeps throwing photo after photo at me and its just inspiring to see the landscapes we have in our own backyard.

From a drone photographer’s perspective I admire the island for what it offers visitors and locals alike.

One of the original sunset clips with a hint of white fog

If you are a photographer, I will advise you one thing…. Get your camera, drone and plane ticket and get to St Helena Island now!!

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