Why use our Aerial Photographs ?

As a tour operator or company involved in the tourism industry, photographs are everything.  Photographs speak a thousand words, and especially when it comes to remote places such as the Island of St Helena.

With an island such as St Helena, far from company offices it can be costly to send a photographer here to capture photographs to use in marketing efforts. 

We make it easy for overseas companies involved in the tourism industry and sell or offer St Helena packages.  Our photographs are captured using the latest in UAV (aka drone) technology, DJI Mavic 2 Pro

With this UAV it gives us the power to capture images of St Helena that you’d never believe existed on the island. It’s not just the drone and the photographs that give us the edge over why you should choose us, and license photographs from us… but our other qualities as well.  We are affordable, offer reasonable licensing and easy to work with, not to mention accommodating

Plantation House – One of the Tourist places of interest on St Helena

Lets have a look at our benefits and what makes us a solution for you!


We mean affordable!  Some might think, we are giving our photographs away when we tell them costs for licensing a photograph.  But we understand all businesses have budgets and the marketing budget in most companies are the smallest.  So we try to accommodate those issues.

Reasonable Licensing

We mean that we don’t, always charge or force customers to renew every year, or want to know the smallest details.  When it comes to smallest details, we don’t ask for instance; If a photo is to be used in a brochure, we don’t charge based on how many brochures it is going to be in. 

No we don’t do that.  It’s too cumbersome and we can’t keep track of that so it is too much trouble to go through for us as well as the client.

Different Perspective

With a UAV in the photography industry, we can capture places and scenes on and around St Helena easier and more quickly.  Thus giving you our customer and your customers a different view point, vantage point, perspective, the list goes on.   

St Helena is full of views, and tourist points that you can go and take photographs off.  We take it a step further and capture photographs that a normal camera wouldn’t be able to.  From Post Box walks to ships in the harbor, we capture it all.

Only commercially approved drone photographer on island

 At this moment in time, we are the only aerial photographer on the island, that is approved by the UK flight regulator Air Safety Support International.  We have permission to fly for commercial reasons, as well as hobbyist flights. 

We also work closely with the St Helena Airport and local authorities.  So you know that you are working with a professional business and not some guy with a new expensive toy.

Proof of Work

To prove that we mean what we say, we regularly upload our photographs and videos to the internet, for customers both past and future to see and admire.  We keep our website updated with fresh images, regular blog posts and information that is up to date.

So you have read why we should be your choice for photographs when it comes to advertising St Helena Island to your customers. Now all you need to do is get in touch with us.  Head on over to our contact page and drop us a line. 

We will get back to you with what you need to know!

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