Working with us – How easy it from overseas?

So you’re based in some other country, far, far away from the Island of St Helena.   You need photographs, a video, a survey done of St Helena?  No problem at all.

Working away from St Helena Island, one might think about the logistics and how difficult it could be.  But not for us here at St Helena Phantom View.  We can gather all the things you need and use the good ole world wide web to get those photographs to you.

Look at these two examples below and our work flow at how it gets done and you the customer get your photos or other media from us.

Example One – Stock Photographs

Company from the United Kingdom, based physically in London.  Requires stock photographs that they have seen on our website of various tourist attractions on St Helena Island.

The Process:

Process of purchasing stock photographs with usage licensing from us

So that is our 5 step process to enable a customer to license a photograph or multiple photographs from us.  Read on to find out about work for hire from a customer based internationally.

Stock Photographs are available

Example Two

A company based in America requires aerial video clips of sunsets in the countryside of the island and scenic video clips of green pasture lands within the country side of St Helena Island.

The below process is how it goes:

Process of hiring St Helena Phantom View to shoot various clips or photographs on St Helena Island

The above process is between the customer and ourselves.  But on our part only there is a whole lot more within a process for a job to take place.  We need permission from the local airport, police department notification and if any land owners need to be asked we do so as well.

Adding to this, we do our pre-flight checks on equipment, Google maps check, pre-site survey and other admin duties.

So all in all, we do all of this and more to get you the best aerial photographs of St Helena this side of the equator.

Varying perspectives of St Helena Island

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