How can you prepare your home, for your drone…

Drones are new to St Helena Island, and we at St Helena Phantom View, try to champion the good use of drones.  So one might think when booking a home shoot with us, that the camera is in the air so it won’t see the garbage bin on the side of the house.  Wrong, very wrong. 

Here are some of our tips for getting you home ready for when we arrive with our drone to shoot photographs of your beautifully cut hedges and historic looking home.

1. Ensure the areas to be shot are clean, tidy and unwanted items packed out of sight.

We know that we will be flying a bit higher than most ground cameras, but we don’t take a photograph of your home from 400ft in the sky.  We shoot from tree height, or lower or higher, depends on the soundings and grounds.  So there will be shots where things can be spotted.  Things like wheelie garbage bins, the kids bicycles, footballs etc.  Ensure they are all packed away out of sight.  (after all a drone can find a person hiding in a field so it will sure enough spot that football wedged in the hedge)

2. Give your Home a good lick of paint.                                                                          

If you are requiring us to capture photographs for you to use to advertise the home to be sold or rented, online or in paper based adverts then give it a good lick of paint.  It will do wonders and make it easier for the drone to capture the vibrant colours and correct colours of your home.  It will make it more pleasing to the eye once the post production tasks have been completed.

We painting the whole house can be expensive, but just paint the sides that will be shot.  You can finish the rest at a later date.

Preparation is key

3. Ensure that no pets or animals are roaming freely when we are flying.

Drones and animals don’t mix.  Especially dogs, cats, birds, cattle and a few others. We don’t want to startle them or give them a fright when taking off.  Even more importantly we do not want a family dog to attack the drone and have the drone’s props injure the pet. 

We have insurance for our equipment so it can be replaced, but a family pet cannot be so easily.  So please ensure that all pets are inside, or get the kids to take the dog for a walk down the road.

4. Ensure the neighbours are aware of what’s going to be happening.

Yes we do our own pre-flight checks, site surveys etc. But it is also nice especially in a district we are not familiar with if you could let the neighbours close by know, we will be photographing your home with our drone.

We will also let them know when we get onsite, as we don’t want neighbours thinking we are spying on them. 

5. Make sure someone is home on day of shoot

The last thing we want is for something unrelated to happen whilst we are doing a site visit or on the day of a shoot and we were the only ones nearby or on your property.

Now we’re not saying go and get all your mates and family round to see us capture the home and the gardens, as that can be distracting and we can only have 2 or 3 other people near us under our control.  So ensure someone is always home when we need to visit before the flight and during the flights to shoot your home.


So there you have it, our top 5 reasons to help you prepare you home, animals and yourself for a home shoot by drone.

If you liked this post feel free to share it, email it, do whatever you can to show someone it.  And then call us to  book your home shoot by drone.

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