One of my favorite photographs – And WHY!!

I have over the last few years take many photographs and video footage. I have licensed a few photographs to various companies, tweeted many photographs and uploaded a few amateur videos to my YouTube Channel.  On the photography side of things, the best one I feel is my favorite is the one below.

For me as a local on St Helena Island, this photo speaks and tells a story of the beauty of the Island.  One must take a drive deep in to the centre of the island to see the extraordinary views that this photo tells you about.

The photograph in question

View from Diana’s Peak overlooking the district of Sandy Bay

This one In particular shows the foreground of the green lushness of the islands vegetation, with winding roads nestle between the flax strewn embankments. 

Then you have the background with a very hilly look to it, show how high the hills have risen from the depths of the ocean.  I can have a large print of this hanging in my bedroom on the wall opposite my bed, and wake to it and feel a sense of peace and one with the landscape itself.

There are many photos I can go on about that I have captured, like sunsets, stormy feel photos but they don’t give the same feel of being an islander, a local, a Saint being a St Helenian!

Logistics of capturing this photograph

The logistics behind capturing this photograph was all about safety, and a slight nervous feel to it.

This particular place I captured this photo was at Diana’s Peak.  The highest Point on the island, standing from the ocean depths to a height of 823m.  One might question how I managed to fly at this height with a new airport on the island.

Well the airport rules and regulations state that you can fly to a height of 400ft from the point of take off.  So I was taking of from 823m and flew to about 15-20 meters of that.  And besides the airport was not in operation that day, no flights no open airport.  There is only one flight a week and that’s on a Saturday.

The weather conditions for this day was brilliant and kind to me.  The drone gods must have known that there have been one or two damaged drones flying at Diana’s Peak, so was good to me.

Even after landing after about a 15 minute flight, the body of the drone was fairly cold.  So it shows the air temperature at those heights compared to those at a closer sea level height.

Is this your favorite? Or do you have another?

So there you have it, my favorite pick of the bunch. Do you like any of our photographs from a new perspective? If so, comment below and share around so we get the images out there of our beautiful Island of St Helena!

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