How drones highlight concerns on St Helena Island

St Helena Island is a small island by some margin compared to elsewhere on the planet earth.  We take advantage of things like energy use and water usage here on the island at times.  We don’t always take in to consideration how much energy one bulb is using, and then work out how much we can save if we replaced all with energy saving bulbs. 

Drones can help people & organisations on St Helena with various things.  Here’s how my drone shocked me in to reality of the recent and current water situation on St Helena Island.

The situation

Currently at the time of composing this post (03/10/19) we are told by Connect St Helena and the St Helena Resilience Forum that we must save water and restrict usage to only essential uses.  Such as cooking or cleansing.  Even taking a bath is a bit frowned upon.

The St Helena Resilience Forum has over the past few months issued press releases, on the stages the water levels have gone through and they use statistics and photographs to show the situation.

How drones can help a small island like St Helena

For me and from my knowledge of Drones and the island, Drones such as what I use can help situations like this by providing images of the reservoir and earth dams to highlight and show a comparison of the reservoir from the days it was full to the brim to the situation now.  This would actually put it into a better perspective for islanders.

What I have found

I was browsing through my vast amounts of images and found one that struck me.  From 2017, I had the Phantom 4 Pro and captured an image of the earth dam, and reservoir in Harpers, St Paul’s.  I then looked at an image from this year when we have the water situation.  Upon comparing them, I was shocked!!  It only shows in these images how short the water actually is, and despite figures etc.  It shows how full the dams were and how they are now.

Have a look at the two images below and you’ll see just how different the water levels are in the two different pictures.

They aren’t in the exact same position as I didn’t take either photograph with the intention of this comparison.  I was just in different places capturing something else and thought whilst I’m here snap it.  I’m glad I did as it shows this perspective.

Have a look and next time you think about filling the bath with water to have a soak at the end of a long day, think again.  Remember it only goes in the septic tank or the communal sewage system and out to sea.

Until next time – Keep on Droning!

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