Top questions we get asked…

With Drones being very new to St Helena, we get asked a bunch of questions when being contacted or when we reach out to prospective clients, customers or partners to work with.

This list is endless at to what we get asked, but here are some of the top ones and our answers to them.

1. Starting of the big question we get asked, how much does it cost?

In a straight answer – It depends!  It depends on what you are asking us to shoot, how many photographs, what you want to use the images for and so many other variables.

The reason we cannot put a set price on a question like this is because there Is a lot a drone pilot, company, photographer needs to do to ensure the flight is taking place legally and importantly safely.
Things like doing pre-flight surveys, driving to the location a few days prior and scoping out factors that could hinder the flight, filling out application for flights to take place and sending to the St Helena  Airport.

Then there are factors on the customers side, like are they in the safe zone, restricted zone etc, how many photographs do they need, do we need to do more than one flight day the list goes on.  So to answer that question, it all depends on the requirements of the customer and the requirements we need to go through to carry out a flight.

2. What timeframe do I need to give to book a flight or photo shoot?

We generally prefer and it’s a policy that you give us at least 2 full days notice.  This is linked to question one in terms of the list of requirements we need to go through to organise a flight.

We have had the odd instance whereby we needed to do a flight the next day as the customers where leaving on the flight the next day.  But we prefer it to be in advance of two full working days.

3. How high and how far can you fly?

This was our question when we first bought our first drone.  But to answer that, the drone itself can fly up to 7 kilometers away with good signal and up to a height of 400ft, maybe more. 

But legally, in most countries and on St Helena Island, its 400ft high from takeoff location and away from the pilot and spotter its legally line of site. So we must be able to see the drone at all times.

4. Do you sell prints and framed?

We don’t hold stock at the moment, but if you see a image of ours you’d like to have in your home or office, we can arrange for this to happen at a fee as well. Get in touch if you do like to have a framed print.

5. Are the photographs you take for me, belonging to me as the customer?

The answer is no.  To explain; we own the copyright to all photographs we capture with our drone.  but you a the client if you contracted us to capture a photograph for you, can use it as you wish or stipulated in the agreement with us.  But you are not allowed to sell on to some other entiy or persons.

So there you have it the top 5 questions we get asked and the answer.

Some of them like the licensing etc, most people don’t fully understand, but it’s what all photographers do worldwide, and if you in a business like we are to make money and earn a living then you have to pay up.  But you get value for money with us.  We are positive of that.

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