Project Coffee – Rosemary Gate Coffee Plantation

“Wake up and smell the coffee”– An old past time saying.  And smell the coffee is what this blog post is about. 

Rosemary Gate Coffee Plantation, is situated in the, pretty much centre of St Helena Island. 

Growing, Picking, Drying and Producing coffee is what this couple does.  Bill and Jill Bolton are the owners of the Coffee Shop, and Rosemary Gate Coffee Plantation.  They grow the St Helena local coffee for locals, visitors and to ship off island as well.  It’s pretty famous you know.

How I got the job

 To get this particular job to produce a short video and a few photographs of the plantation, all I did was reach out to the Boltons.  At the time they were off island, and that was a sticker for me at the time, as I couldn’t exactly go and meet with them. 

So I emailed them reaching out with a cold email pitch and hoped for the best.  And it worked.  I had a reply and a positive one at that.

So I waited until they arrived back on island, and paid a visit to the coffee plantation to carry out the works.

Flight Day

The day of the flight I couldn’t ask for a better day!  As you see in the photographs, it was a bright and sunny day.  Sometimes the light on St Helena can be a bit harsh for photography but it wasn’t too bad this time around.

I was amazed at the shots I got to see whilst the Phantom 4 Pro was in the air, hovering over the coffee trees.

There was one particular shot I am found of, and that is the one in the video whereby the drone is ascending and pivoting around whilst going up above the coffee tree.

Located under the large tree is a small hide away to have some cake and local coffee.

As for the images, I particularly like the one with the sun flare in the top of the image.  I am not a fan of post added sun flares with filters and stuff like that.  I can tell you that capturing sun flares in camera is easy on St Helena.  So that’s my favourite part of flying here on St Helena Island.

But back to the day, I managed to get enough shots to post process and pick a good chunk of final edits to show the Boltons. 


After a week of sleepless nights, I managed to get the video compiled and images edited.  So off to the coffee gorunds I went, tablet in hand to show the Boltons the preview of the images and video.

They were estatic at the final edits and couldn’t wait to get their hands on them to share with family and friends.  So all in all it was a great little project for me and for the owners of the Rosemary Gate Coffee Plantation.

Low shot of the coffee bushes, just a few feet of the ground is all that is needed.

The video and photos will hopefully do justice for the plantation, showing visitors to the island, customers and

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