Challenge yourself and challenge me!

Up for a challenge?  Want to motivate yourself?  Want to get out and creative?  Well read on.

I’ve been thinking lately that I have been posting so many interesting photographs shot from the air of St Helena Island and the comments and on Social Media have been awesome.  I have interacted more on some posts to the comments than others.  So I had an idea. 

Why not get you, my awesome followers to post a photo you have taken from the ground, either with your DSLR camera, point and shoot camera or even your smart phone to post in the comments and I will go to the same spot and take a photograph from the air.

So this is how it will work;

  • Start posting your photos in the comments of the Facebook Post that this blog is linked to.
  • I will look through them, and select one every weekend and go and photograph from the same spot.
  • I will then upload the ground photo and the aerial photograph I took for comparison.

This is just for a bit of fun and viewing same subjects/scenes from the same location just a different perspective.

Note: The ground photos must be in the Safe Zone or Restricted Zone on the Island and not in the NO Fly Zone.  Unless I won’t be able to photograph at the same spot J

So get out those cameras or even go back through the images on your SD card or phone library and get uploading.

Simply upload, name the location and the subject or scene that is the focus.

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