A day in the life of Commercially Approved Drone…

St Helena Island is an island that is a gem, with breath taking views, brilliantly friendly locals, and amazing opportunities.  Both businesses and personally.

Drone Photography has taken off in full swing now, since St Helena Phantom View was lunched.  Photographs that give views that hasn’t been possible for years, apart from the odd helicopter or engine powered glider with a photographer on-board.

Now Drones are being used elsewhere in the world not just for hobby’s but for business as well.  St Helena also has a commercially approved Drone Photographer too. 

A successful drone flight and happy customer depends on a few things; Planning, Execution and Delivery.


An example of a day would be a Real Estate Shoot. 

After two days prior notice by the customer, we start planning.  We look at the location (site visit as well), mark out flight path on Google Maps and send to the St Helena Airport for approval if in the Restricted Zone, and for notification if in the Fly Zone. 

On the Site Visit, completion of Site Visit Forms are done, things such as location, obstacles etc. are made note off.

Also customer requirements and recommendations are noted. 

Night before Flight

The evening before, a final check of the Aircraft, Batteries, Accessories, spares are done and packed away into the vehicle ready. 


On the day of the flight after arriving at the location to be shot, the Visual Observer makes final checks around the location ensuring nothing has changed, weather checked and residents made aware of a drone flight taking place.  Safety signs erected if necessary.

Pilot makes the Drone flight ready and pre-flight checks, such as compass calibration, SD Card, Video and Photo settings applied, is done.

Once drone is in the air, the visual observer is to watch the drone at all times.  Once all video and/or photographs have been captured, we then show the customer onsite, using laptop and if customer is happy with angles and shots captured, we then pack up and head home to prepare the deliverables.

Post Production

Once back on the workstation at home, all photos are imported into Adobe LightRoom and sorted.  Edits are done and enhancements made.  All photographs are kept to as original as possible, so not to give the illusion of something it is not. 

The post production stage usually tales around an hour, constantly back and forth editing and comparing to the un-processed captures.

Once done, we export to a high resolution Jpeg image for all of the images, we also export to the correct spec for customers use on Social Media, Print or Website use if it is one of their requirements.

Once happy with the outcomes, we deliver on USB if locally, if the customer is overseas the images are delivered using an online secure file transfer service.

Hand launch – Metal in concrete is too much interference

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