Free Giveaway!!! Part 1

“Impostor among us”– A mobile phone game that has gone viral!

Everyone loves freebies, you, your mum, dad, brother, sister, uncle and so on, so do we!!

We are giving away a FREE PRINT of St Helena Island, the print will be of Jamestown, the capital of St Helena Island, a A3 print with also a discount voucher of your next print from us.

If you are familiar with the mobile phone/tablet game called “Among Us”, then you will be interested in our first giveaway of the year.

One characters in the AMONG US mobile game

The Game Briefly

The game is basically a game whereby you figure out who is the imposter among the team and you vote them out.

Check it out on the Play Store here.

How to win??

To participate and win, all you need to do is look at our image below, of Jamestown and find the above character, the red one.

There are 6 (Six) of them in Jamestown somewhere hiding, they have escaped our mobile phone hiding and wondering around Jamestown, help us to find them and we will get them back into our game.

Entries close at 8pm Thursday 15th October 2020 Local time, and is only open to locals on St Helena.

To get answers to me, simply msg me the locations or screen shot and circle the locations. Send either to my personnel Facebook account on messenger or via the St Helena Phantom View Page messenger.

Names will be put into a virtual hat and drawn out, winner will be posted and tagged.

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT the answers to the Facebook Post, it will spoil it for others.

If you are unable to view the image correctly here there is a photo on the Facebook Post where you can ZOOM in more.

Don’t forget the rest of our social media channels with our work we are doing, done and future projects….





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