Challenge yourself and challenge me!

Up for a challenge?  Want to motivate yourself?  Want to get out and creative?  Well read on.

I’ve been thinking lately that I have been posting so many interesting photographs shot from the air of St Helena Island and the … Read the rest


Rock Survey with Can LTD

St Helena Island….A rock in the South Atlantic Ocean. That’s the best way to describe this place, when trying to explain to visitors on the RMS St Helena when the island comes into view on the day of arrival.

So … Read the rest

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Top questions we get asked…

With Drones being very new to St Helena, we get asked a bunch of questions when being contacted or when we reach out to prospective clients, customers or partners to work with.

This list is endless at to what we … Read the rest

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Why use our Aerial Photographs ?

As a tour operator or company involved in the tourism industry, photographs are everything.  Photographs speak a thousand words, and especially when it comes to remote places such as the Island of St Helena.

With an island such as St … Read the rest

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