The Dark Times

These aerial photographs were created within the self-isolation period that I as a photographer am under at this moment in time. 

Photography is a form of art and many think using Photoshop and other image manipulating software is not real photography.  But there are times when being a photographer it simply isn’t enough to just press the shutter button….

To create a story, to enhance and get the viewer to feel the sense of emotion and the place the world is in at that moment in time it is necessary for creators use software. 

Peter McKinnon, A photographer I admire and follow on social media once said;

There’s nothing like waking up early before the rest of the world, heading out when it’s still dark, and seeing nothing, but you know the landscape is right there waiting for you”.

I agree completely with that statement, landscapes on St Helena is my favorite and my niche in photography, namely aerial photography. 

St Helena like the rest of the world is feeling the pinch and panic with the COVID-19 pandemic, this album of photographs depict for me the dark times the world is going through, along with St Helena. 

BUT!! ….. One photograph in particular shows the light beaming down on a person in the empty field, the person isolated with the stream of light beaming from “The Heavens” with everything else dark around him, shows there is light at the end of the tunnel and we as human beings will get that light shined on all of us and everyone will get through this together.

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