Terms & Conditions

Photographic & Video Graphic Content

At St Helena Phantom View Productions, we are proud of our work and content we create and upload to share with the world, we are glad for anyone person/s or organisations, companies governments to share, link our work on their social media pages, websites etc. But only in the form of sharing the original post, website page etc.
Downloading, saving a copy etc. is a form of stealing digitally, we do not take this lightly as it takes hard earned money, time and effort to create any content with a camera, drone. After all photography and videography is an art form.
Below is a summary of our terms and conditions when it comes to our content on the internet, if you would like to work with us, collaborate, hire us or buy from us please do get in touch with.

Within this summary of Terms & Conditions, the owner of content mentioned in this document St Helena Phantom View (Productions) or St Helena Phantom View will be referred to as “STHPV” or STHPVP which is the same entity but was re-branded.


All video and photographic content created, uploaded, edited, produced by St Helena Phantom View, STHPV is the sole property of STHPVP.
Under no circumstances should any footage, photographs, created content be downloaded, copied, re-written, re-edited, cut, without the written permission or agreement from STHPVP.

In the event of the above terms and conditions are breached, contact will be made to the person/company/business responsible for the breech, and pointed out to them. Furthermore, either an agreement be made between both parties of the monetary sum owed to STHPVP or legal action will be enforced.

If there is no agreement for the video footage or photographs to be bought by the person/s, business, company/s or organisation/s, then the below will be asked of them by STHPVP:

• All content that includes footage/photographs or anything belonging to St Helena Phantom View (Productions) must be taken down from all types of channels I.e YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels. Including websites, blogs etc.
• STHPVP will not accept “giving credit” in response to breaching any of our terms and conditions regarding our material online, regardless of any status of the person/s, organisation/s, company/s or businesses.

Using any footage in a film, documentary or video that requires the use of drone footage from STHLPVP requires a license to be purchased. To do this please contact us at St Helena Phantom View (Productions).

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